What is Psychotherapy?

Let’s be honest, many who hear the word “Psychotherapy”, there are envisions of a client lying on a long couch and the Therapist sits near by taking notes.  Psychotherapy does not necessarily work that way.  Psychotherapy is an interactive process that includes many methods and techniques to help people deal with their struggles that are preventing them from living at their potential.  Psychotherapy is often called “conversation therapy”, where one person speaks about their hurdles around their own mental health while the Psychotherapist actively listens, provides insights, guidance, and tools through a compassionate process.

How does Psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy does not have a time limit, but it deals with short term or long term struggles in one’s life.  There are various approaches to psychotherapy.  Here are a few models:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Exposure Therapy

Art Therapy

Mindfulness/Self Regulation Therapy

Talk Therapy

Psychotherapy is not only a one to one therapy, but it can also engage couples, families and groups through their daily struggles.

How do you know if you need Psychotherapy?

We all realize therapy can help through life’s hurdles, yet it can sometimes feel very difficult to “ask” for help.  One thing to remember is when you feel not yourself, feel confused or unglued, know that we are here to listen without judgement.  The first step is recognizing you need help, the second is to ask.  Once you have overcome the first two steps, you realize that you are truly not alone in the Mental Health process.  We are there for you!

Click here for our Psychotherapist’s biography:  Parul Shah



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