FitQuest Adult Group Training

A trained Fitquest Coach will lead your group through an athletic conditioning program involving balance, agility, core work, strength training and cardio. Contact Fitquest today to get your workplace or group set up!

FitQuest Reconditioning Programs

These programs are for individuals who are experiencing difficulty Returning to Sport (RTS), returning to Activity (RTA) due to chronic injuries or for Individuals looking to (RTS) or (RTA) after a layoff from a sport or activity.

We offer an option of one on one training or a satellite program.  A “satellite program” is designed for individuals that would like to come in and have a program demonstrated to them to take home. This provides the flexibility to the individual train on their own, at their facility of choice with the guidance and support of Fitquest.

FitQuest Sports Performance Programs

Fitquest’s Sports Performance protocols are designed for Elite Pro and Amateur High Performance athletes as well as “Sport Active athletes”. We offer an option of one on one training or a satellite program.

FitQuest Athlete Program

This program is a small group session designed to allow amateur athletes (12 to 16 years old) to come in and train with a program while under supervision of a Fitquest coach. Scheduled sessions will be 60 minutes after school and in the evenings.

FitQuest Rehab Program

This program is for Rehab clients who would like to come and exercise while sharing the supervision of a Fitquest coach. This will ensure they are properly performing their prescribed rehabilitation exercises. Scheduled times will be 60 minutes in duration.


  • Power Up Pre-Workout Drink
  • Revitaload Post Work-out Drink

We offer only the highest quality supplements that have been approved on amateur and professional level.

Speak to a coach about what supplements would work best for you.

For more information on these programs and services please visit our website at or email us at